If you are out to catch tarpon in Fort Myers, Florida, you are in for a wonderful adventure ahead. With the abundance of tarpon in this part of the Sunshine State, you are all set to make unforgettable memories. 

But before you move forward with angling for tarpon, it’s important to learn a few choice tips about the activity. This not only helps you learn key points about the waters around Florida but also lets you make the most out of your fishing experience. 

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To help you through this learning curve, here’s a lowdown on catching more tarpon in Fort Myers.

How Do You Target Tarpon?

One of the best ways to target tarpon is using at least a 6000 size reel with a minimum of 7-feet heavy spinning rod. For anglers who can handle more challenging reels with ease, the combination of a 7000 size reel with an 8-feet extra heavy spinning rod can also work well. You should also use live or fresh bait whenever possible. This ensures that you are able to catch plenty of tarpon during your excursion and don’t lose them halfway during a catch.

What Is The Best Time Of  Year To Catch Tarpon In Florida?

The summer season and precisely the period of May-June is the best time to catch Tarpon in Fort Myers. But if you are booking your trip outside of these months, you can still catch some tarpon in Florida. It’s because the warm and calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico make for an excellent habitat for tarpon. As a result, you can catch this wonderful fish throughout the year. 

Know Your Tides And Water Levels

While fishing for tarpon in Fort Myers, FL, it is important to keep an eye on the tides and water levels around you. The amount of tarpons thins out during high tide, where they have plenty of fresh fish to enjoy for food. In contrast, low tides make tarpons more eager to bite, which gives you an excellent opportunity to catch more of these fish. 

Fish In The Early Morning Or Late Evening When Tarpon Are More Active

Apart from water levels, being mindful of the time of day also goes a long way. If you fish in the early morning or late evening, you can easily catch more tarpons that are out to enjoy the cooler waters around the bay. In contrast, if you try to catch tarpons when the water is warm, you may not have as much luck. If you truly want to make the most out of your excursion, try sailing during the specified times only.

Use A Heavier Rod With A Reel That Has Lots Of Line On It

Since tarpons do not give up without a fight, you can expect quite a show from them after they have decided to bite. In order to make sure that you don’t lose your entire rod and possible bragging rights to a tarpon battle, use a heavy or extra heavy fishing rod with plenty of line on it. As mentioned above, at least a 7-feet spinning rod with a minimum of 6000 size reel is a good combination. 

Use Live Bait Such As Shrimp, Squid, Or Cut Fish

For many anglers, catching tarpon in Fort Myers is fun due to its precise challenges. Where other fishes may bite on practically anything, tarpons won’t usually give your hook a second look if it doesn’t have live bait on it. To make sure that you are able to attract tarpons, use live bait such as shrimp, squid, or cut fish. This enhances your chances of catching lots of tarpons during your sail.

For Larger Fish, Use The Heavy Tackle

It goes without saying that for a fish as aggressive as a tarpon, you need to be prepared for a fight. As mentioned above, using a heavy fishing rod can help you land them quickly. This way, you not only safeguard your equipment from flying into the water but also avoid injury to both yourself and the fish. With the specifications of rods in mind, try to pick gear that you can handle easily and which is appropriate for your body weight.

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It didn’t take long before I learned all about freshwater rivers, night fishing,  shallow water, natural bait, spinning reels, what a fly rod was, what doa bait busters were, and how to find tarpon. That’s right, from fly fishing to understanding fish species, I learned about it all pretty fast! Thankfully, I had good teachers who taught me about the silver king, dead baits, baitfish, tarpon tag, sight fishing, and more!

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I started guiding professionally in 2010. I am a jack of all trades and master at catching  Giant tarpon and big snook. I live with tarpon fish, and I am one of the best. Please come join me and allow me to share my love and passion for fishing with you. I am here to show you the best possible time and give you a trip to remember for a lifetime.

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