Tarpon fishing is indubitably one of the most thrilling experiences you will ever come across in your fishing career. The Tarpon population in Fort Myers is impressive because of the number of fish available and the sizes.

Due to the silver color of its scales, the tarpon is also known as the ‘Silver King.’ This species is well known for its abilities on the end of a line. They can jump up to 10ft out of the water while rattling their gills like an irate diamondback snake. Silver Kings tolerate high water temperatures hence their high numbers in Florida – the mild weather perfectly suits their existence. This blog post seeks to discuss more on when is the best time to plan and catch big tarpon in Fort Myers.   

Tarpon Fishing Areas In Florida

South Florida is not only home to beautiful beaches, but also has some of the best tarpon fishing sites in all of North America. With an array of fishable locations across this region- including Key West, Boca Grande Pass, and Tampa Bay among others – you’re guaranteed that no matter what season it may be there will always be something for everyone’s taste!

Is There A Season For Tarpon?

Tarpon is one of Florida’s most popular gamefish, but they can be found all year round. 

They are most active during the summer months. In spring and fall, you’ll find them spawning at bayside or inlets to spawn with their young ones before it becomes too cold for them again. If we talk about wintertime- these fish are more likely going upriver onto docks where there’s warmer water available 

Best Time To Catch Big Tarpon

Tarpons are more active in the early morning or late evening. In the mornings, tarpon gulps more air as there is no photosynthesis at night. Without sunlight, diatoms and marine plants cannot produce oxygen. Hence, they utilize all the oxygen at night. Therefore, tarpon needs to gulp air in the morning until the plants and animals can produce sufficient oxygen.

Late evenings are also ideal for angling as this fishing trip can enable you to escape the heat and get some good tarpon fishing. Additionally, feeding tarpon makes them wary at night. Hence this makes it easier to catch tarpon than during the day effectively.

Use The Right Strategy, Equipment, And Gear To Catch Big Tarpon

Big tarpon is not all that difficult to catch when you know the right strategies and equipment. If your reel has enough power for what’s coming off of it, then once one hooks into an angler’s offering within striking range its first thing is usually going to be head butt or high jump which will likely tire them out before we even get started fighting him!

It is best to use a heavier rod with a reel that comprises lots of lines. Cast out your fly rod and reel combo as far as you possibly can and reel. This often provokes an attack from a monster tarpon or a blacktip shark when they are around. Ascertain that you have lots of lines on your spinning reels because they can easily strip off the spinning tackle.

Tarpon Fishing Strategy

If you want to be successful when fishing for tarpon, it is important that you do not chase them from behind. If they see a boat following their movement and try again with an even faster pace or move in another direction altogether! Instead of trying to get closer than 100 yards ahead of where the fish are headed (or anchor up), remain at least 50 away while staying quiet so as not alarm any more bait-fish who may also happen upon this area by chance – which could make all your hard work go downhill very quickly indeed.

Tarpon Fishing Gear

Fishing for tarpon can be a tough, but rewarding experience. To make your day on the water more enjoyable and safe-you need some essential gear like a long sleeve shirt that wicks away moisture from the skin to keep you cool in hot conditions while protecting against sun exposure at all times! A gaiter will protect most of your head as well so it doesn’t get too greasy before getting back into your boat after catching one.

Wear Gloves

Fishing is rough. You might think that tarpon would be weak and fragile, but their scales are like armor with teeth on them! If you don’t want to get cut up when handling these tough fish – bring a good pair of gloves so your hands stay protected because accidents happen sometimes (especially in salt water).

Professional Tarpon Fishing In Fort Myers

Ready to put your fishing skills to the test? Tarpon Fishing in Fort Myers, Florida, is your next amazing adventure. 

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