Many people all over the United States enjoy taking a fishing trip because fishing is a fun, relaxing, enjoyable activity to do with a group or on your own. Whether you are hoping for a big catch or simply do not want to go home empty-handed, one of the best ways to ensure you can bring in more fish than you expected is to hire a fishing charter.

Anglers and fishermen of all experience levels have cast their fishing line in most coastal waters around Fort Myers, FL, and been successful when they have the right bait, use the best lures for bigger fish, and know the best tips for fishing in the area.

With a fishing guide from Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters in Fort Myers, FL, you can rest assured that your boat captain will do everything possible to ensure that you have a successful outing. When you want the best possible chance to catch fish in either shallow water or deeper water, a fishing guide from Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters will provide you with everything you need to feel like a real fisherman.

Can I Be Successful With My Fishing Rod In Fort Myers, FL?

When you have a rod and reel in your hand and a hook with bait on your line, it is important to remember that fishing is not necessarily a fast-paced activity. It takes time and patience, especially if you want to catch certain fish like a tarpon. When a fish is caught, that is an exciting moment and worth the time and effort.

There are ways, however, to give you a better chance of catching that big fish. Fishermen all over the world know that you need to have good bait, the right lure, and other equipment to catch your trout, tarpon, shark, or any other type of fish.

In Fort Myers, FL, you can most definitely be successful on your next fishing trip. With an expert fishing guide from Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters, we know the best waters and times of day to catch the fish you want and have a great time out on the boat.

Secrets For A Great Day Of Catching Fish

Catching fish, like most other things, is an activity that takes time and experience to master. Those who have not experienced anglers or are even able to go out on the water regularly may not be aware of some of the best tips for a successful day of catching fish.

At Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters in Fort Myers, Florida, our charter captain will let you in on some of the secrets to a great day out on the water. Here are some great tips for a fisherman who is just getting his sea legs:

Use the Right Bait for Certain Fish

One of the first things you need to know is the type of fish you are hoping to catch. This information will help you decide on the kind of bait you will use. For example, if you were going bass fishing, you should know the type of bait that bass is more attracted to. In this case, the bass is preferable to rubber plastic worms.

Other times, you may need to change the bait to get the fish you know are in the area. Perhaps you are using a seven-inch worm, but the fish around you prefer small bait. You could also reduce your retrieval speed to ensure that you have a chance for a bite.

Lures Depend On Water Depth

Fishermen all over the world know that you need to understand how fish see and think before you can get the fishing on your hook. If you are in shallower waters or near the surface, you can use colorful lures since the color spectrum is wider. Once you go deeper, though, switch it up to darker lures since the contrast in these depths is more important than the color of the lure.

Know The Type Of Hook You Need

Again, this depends on the type of fish that are in the waters. A trout or panfish is not going to be caught with a giant hook that should be used for a swordfish. However, small hooks may get swallowed, and the task of retrieving that hook becomes quite unpleasant. Stick with a hook size that will hold baits well, can remain unseen, and will successfully hold a fish on the line.

Time Of Day Matters

Although getting up before dawn may not sound like the most fun thing to do, this is one of the ideal times for going out on the water. Fish (depending on species) generally feed around dawn or after dusk, so those are the best times to try to nab them. If you are on the water in the middle of the day, you may be waiting a long time for anything to bite. Be sure you have plenty of snacks, drinks, and sunscreen!

Be Sure To Pick The Right Rod

When you are choosing your rod, it is critical to know the area you will be in and how far you need to cast out. An angler with a rod that is too heavy or cannot cast out far enough is less likely to get the fish biting.

Benefits For Hiring A Professional Fishing Guide

If you are not an experienced angler or do not even own your tackle box, you may want to consider hiring a professional guide to help you on the water. At Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters in Fort Myers, our team will ensure that you have the right equipment, bait, and knowledge for the best chance at hooking a fish (or two!). We have the skills and experience needed to ensure you have a great time, no matter what kind of fish you can bring in.

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