Deep-sea fishing can be a challenging pastime, but these tips will help you master the sport and enjoy it more. Whether new to deep-sea fishing or looking for ways to improve your skillset, every angler should know about certain techniques. Some of these tips are specific to deep-sea fishing in Fort Myers; however, even if you will be fishing somewhere else, read on. Most of these deep-sea fishing tips can be applied on your fishing trip to any location.

What Is Deep Sea Fishing?

Deep-sea fishing, otherwise known as offshore fishing, involves fishing in the open ocean, at least 100 miles from shore. Before you go out on the boat to Fort Myers Beach or North Myrtle Beach, there are several things you need to know.

First, there are four types of fishing trips you can choose from:

  1.     Half-Day Fishing: A half-day fishing trip runs for 6 hours and is perfect for individuals new to fishing or an experienced angler catching various types of Grouper, Grunts, and Snapper. Half-day fishing trips run most days leaving from Fort Myers Beach.
  2.     Full-Day Fishing: A full-day fishing trip runs 8 to 10 hours, during which you can catch a variety of Grouper, Grunts, and Snapper. All full-day fishing trips run most days in Fort Myers Beach.
  3.     Night Fishing: A night fishing trip is ideal for catching snapper. Night fishing trips run from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Most days leave Fort Myers Beach.
  4.     Private Charters: If you want to private charter a boat for families to a group of friends, Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters has the boat to fit your needs.

Second, you need someone on board who understands deep sea fishing. Having a captain on board will enhance your fishing trip because captains know the best fishing spots in Fort Myers.

Third, you need to be ready to explore what lies beyond offshore Fort Myers, as this will increase your chances of returning home with sea trout, redfish, or snook.

Deep-sea fishing is one of the best experiences in Fort Myers. At Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters, we cater to anglers looking for deep-sea fishing charters in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida. With us, you can enjoy offshore charter fishing from Tarpon Point Marina and set your mind at ease knowing that our charter boats are fully equipped with reels, baits, rods, hooks, lines, licenses, and everything that you will need.  

How Far Out Do You Go Deep Sea Fishing?

Deep-sea fishing describes any fishing done more than nine miles offshore. Deep-sea fishing is usually far from land, about 20 to 30 miles out in waters that are hundreds or thousands of feet deep.

Types Of Fish That You Might Catch While Deep Sea Fishing

While deep-sea fishing, you can catch various types of fish, including:

Red Snapper: Each year, anglers organize to go fishing for red snapper. These fish are popular in the Gulf of Mexico and are in demand because of their distinctive looks and excellent flavor.

Blackfin Tuna: These fish are popular in Fort Myers Beach because of their silver bellies and golden hues.

Amberjack: Amberjack are fighters. Their tall, strong tails help them fight even the most experienced anglers, so if you are looking to catch amberjack, you should expect them to put up a fight.

Red Grouper: Red groupers are distributed throughout the Gulf of Mexico and are generally dark brown with a reddish hue on their back.

Mangrove Snapper: Mangrove snappers are gray or dark brown and have orange-red spots on their sides.

King Mackerel: The Gulf of Mexico is home to many Spanish mackerel; however, you are more likely to catch king mackerel, known for their strong runs.

Goliath Grouper: These fish are enormous groupers, reaching over 800 pounds and 8 feet in length. Because they tend to stick to one offshore area, anglers find them easily.

Scamp Grouper: These fish can be identified through their brown color, reddish blotches, and elongated rays protruding from their tail fins.

With Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters, you can fish the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico off Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach for grunts, grouper, cobia, sharks, amberjack, and more. Our deep sea fishing charters have everything you need to reel in a variety of fish, and our captain has fished with clients for over two decades. Make a reservation for great Fort Myers shark fishing, amberjack fishing, snapper fishing, and more.

Tips For Catching More Fish

To catch more fish, you need to:

  •       Use live bait — The wrong type of bait can make your fishing trip unsuccessful. Before deep-sea fishing, you must ensure that you have live bait, especially if you are fishing for a specific species. To attract bigger fish such as sharks, ensure that your baits are cut-up, oily, or chum.
  •       If you are looking for tunas, find the dolphins — Tunas usually hang around with dolphins. Therefore, if you see a pod of dolphins, you will likely find tuna in that area.
  •       Equip Yourself with the Right Equipment — If you are chartering a boat, ensure that you ask the captain the type of bait, rod, and line needed to catch the fish you are going after. Having the right equipment will make your fishing experience more enjoyable. A rod, tackle box, and general fishing accessories will enhance your experience.
  •       Listen to Your Captain — Listening to your captain while on a deep-sea fishing trip is vitally important. Your captain will instruct you to guarantee your safety and that those you are fishing with. Your captain also knows where the fish are located, so listening to them will set you up for the best chances of catching fish.  

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Are you looking for a fun outing in Fort Myers Beach? How about a deep-sea fishing trip with Captain Josh? Captain Josh is a 4th generation native to Fort Myers who grew up fishing the Caloosahatchee and surrounding waters of Southwest Florida. Since he started his saltwater career in 1996, Captain Josh has caught various types of fish, ranging from tarpon to redfish, and his goal and mission as your fishing charter captain is to ensure that you have the most fun while fishing.  

Although other charters offer deep sea fishing, most of them are not allowed to travel more than 9 miles offshore. With Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters, our charter boats can take you out into the deeper waters where the big fish are located. This is because Captain Josh is licensed to go out into waters less traveled, where he will help you catch a trophy fish. He has also fished with clients for over 25 years, so you can rest easy knowing that your deep sea fishing will be guided by a skilled professional.

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