Are you struggling to find a perfect place to hang out during the summer period in Florida? Southwest Florida Snook fishing is a popular activity in the US that will thrill, entertain, and help your family bond. Hence, most anglers head to Fort Myers, home to several species in Florida, for unusual sight casting and snook fishing.  

The snook is a delicious game fish belonging to the centropomidae family, known for its sharp gill plate. This mouth-watering Florida sergeant can survive in both freshwater and saltwater around Fort Myers. In 1978, the heaviest snook weighing 53 pounds broke the world record. However, this highly prized snook can weigh up to 44 pounds. 

Here is a snook fishing challenge for you while targeting snook caught in Southwest Florida. Recent records showed in August 2015; a fisher caught a large snook weighing 45 pounds and 12 ounces in Sebastian. So, if you love fishing, why not beat the record today! For more on this exciting topic on tips and tricks for snook fishing in Fort Myers, FL, keep reading. 

What Are The Sources Of Snook In Fort Myers?

Snook fishing charters are common around the Florida inshore waters. Therefore, use them to catch snook along the warm waters on Marco Island, Florida’s Gulf Coast, Sanibel Island, and Naples in Gordon pass. Apart from that, the residential canals in the Manatee River provide a perfect shelter for the large fish and largemouth bass. 

Fish prefer waters above 60 degrees, so anglers go to shallow water (salt) flats, under bridges, and off the beaches. Daytime, the Southwest Florida canals are busy with human action; fly fishermen can access such areas at night. In addition, smaller snooks swim around the oyster beds, endless grass flats, and gigantic mangrove shorelines. Larger fish keep off open waters; hence, they prefer brackish waters, near-shore waters, wrecks, and reefs for safety and comfort!

These tropical species are a hearty meal for most fish lovers; hence, their popularity around Florida. Therefore, if you want to keep yourself busy while at Fort Myers beach, here are perfect places to grab this great dish.

What Is The Best Lure For Snook?

It is no secret; most industries have advanced technology. Hence, the need for anglers to be on the same page and gain on the snook caught at the Fort Myers. During fishing, grasp attractive and fast soft plastic lures like live bait, bucktail jigs, live shrimp, and artificial baits and crabs. In the summertime, the snook is hostile; try casting plugs and topwater plugs to bait it to the surface. 

The snook is an aggressive feeder; thus, it can swallow a 12-inch mullet within seconds. If you hook it, it will swim heading to their shelter, so recovering your lure may be tricky. While around Fort Myers in Florida, it is essential to carry extra fly rods and spinning rods to reach hideout shelters. Also, get live lures found around their residential canals for easy catch and release snook fishing.  

How To Fish For Snook At Night

The cold winter weather in Fort Myers in Florida is not ideal for huge snook fishing. Hence, fishing charters close from December through February. However, fishing charters resume your favorite adventure in March and April. Besides that, September, October, and November are also exceptional snook fishing seasons before the snook slides back to their lairs. 

Night snook fishing is the right time for fly fishing as fish migrate from the bottom to the surface to feed. Apart from hiring fishing charters, fishing dock lights are great for maximum success. They excite plankton growth which attracts tiny critters and baitfish like scaled sardines; thus, a delicacy to snook. 

Besides that, the underwater lights can be of great help for topwater fishing. Depending on the clarity of the water, go for a 20-60 pound fluorocarbon leader with a 30-pound braid. If you spot the catch snook, be tolerant and wait for the red tide to help bring them up. Any slight error, even with the help of live bait, will make you lose it.  

Overall, silence and patience are the primary keys to a successful fishing activity along the Fort Myers area. Any noise from the flats boats or anglers’ voices scares away many snooks for fear of ambush predators. Known for its fighting spirit, capturing snook is no easy feat. You should target areas with fast-flowing freshwater near inlets, bays, and passes to lure heavy fish food hunting.  

Snook Fishing In Fort Myers With The Experts At Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters

Are you looking for superior quality off and inshore fishing charters? Fort Myers is a common US charm site for its fishing adventures, shopping, and beaches. However, angling cannot be complete without the experts at Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters. The snook fishing charters in Fort Myers offer an imaginable fishing moment. 

In addition, the fishing charters provide a fishing guide round the clock around Florida’s gulf coast. Therefore, while planning for some catch and release snook fishing in Florida, place these snook fishing charters at the forefront. This brilliant concept allows kids and adults to have great fun and enjoy topwater fishing in Southwest Florida.  

Oyster bars are great places for anglers to catch snook while around the Everglades national park in Monroe County. The Fort Myers snook fishing charters have a fishing guide to aid you to catch plenty of these popular fish species for feasting at any oyster bar. You can also fish in Collier County at the everglades city waters; just pick a sturdy rod tip, a fly rod, circle hooks, and a fresh live bait. 

So, are you ready for a fishing guide to take you for a mind-blowing action in Florida? Early fall time is ripe for novice anglers like you who have never hit the warm waters of Fort Myers for snook fishing. Well said and done; there you have it! The big snook is a unique summer treat for the whole family; hence, worth the hustle. 

Why wait! Next time you are in Collier County, Monroe County, Gordon Pass, or Sanibel Island, get busy with the snook fishing charters. Use these simple but exciting tips and tricks for snook fishing around Fort Myers in Florida. You can now grab your saltwater fishing license, snook permit, soft plastics, live bait and start your trip as early as today. Stay safe, enjoy, and strive to catch the big GUY!