The experience of fishing Fort Myers is not one you’ll experience too often. Anglers shoot their rods as they take in the breathtaking natural views accompanied by the rich historical backgrounds. The mighty Caloosahatchee river is not only a beautiful prehistoric place; it’s also rich with nature and tradition. Owning such a wholesome blend of recreational value, it only fits that though shalt be informed and adhere to the ten commandments.

1. Thou Shall Have A Fishing License And Know All Rules And Regulations

Before hitting the water, you’ll need to have a license and be equipped with the local fishing regulations. Buying a license is a quick and easy process that supports conservation efforts in the locality. You can register and purchase the license by phone, online, or in retail establishments. Fishing regulations ensure that fishing is fun for future generations of anglers.

Thou shalt reach out to the state’s natural resource agency for knowledge and information to help you understand the rules.

2. Thou Shalt Not Throw A Line Into The Water Without Bait

Using bait will more often than not result in a deeply hooked fish that is easy to release with a higher chance of survival. Some of the best salty water baits are eels, crabs, shrimps, sea worms, and strips of squid. Bait is additionally highly effective for anglers since fish are more lured and attracted to the live and natural prey you are delivering.

Your bait can attract fish from the far and wide waters of Fort Myers, so you can just set your rod up, and you’ll have a fish biting in no time.

3. Thou Shalt Use Barbless Hooks When Fishing For Warm Water Species

In high water temperatures, there is reduced oxygen, and the pressure caused by fishing can negatively affect fish mortality. Barbless hooks are an easy solution to these problems. This has often been a bone of contention especially among fishermen who argue that the fish will get away. but most skeptics when presented with practical proof see the logic. Angling using barbless hooks enables anglers to easily remove the hook from the fish, reducing your handling time.

Thou shall use barbless hooks to ensure the fish get back to the water a lot faster. Barbs often get stuck on a fish’s mouth, which causes them additional damage as the hook is removed. Additionally, the barbless hooks are not only easy on the fish but the fishermen too, in case errant hooks land on your skin. It’s not uncommon for anglers’ hooks to get caught up in something other than fish-like your body.

4. Thou Shall Keep Your Gear Together

This is mainly for anglers that are angling in a Kayak. Before you begin your angling experience in the scenic waters at Fort Myers, check that you have everything you need and keep them together from your rod, bait, reel, everything, have them in a box. Use a paddle clip if kayaking to secure the paddles to your kayak. A great way to have a dry bag is to keep your valuables in the boat dry as you fish.

5. Thy Line Must Be Strong Enough To Hold The Weight Of The Catch

An angler’s line must always be strong enough to hold onto the catch and withstand the combined force of its as you pull, swimming power, and tackle to escape. As a general rule of thumb, concerning the fish’s size, the lighter the line, the more effective it will be at catching fish, while the ticker it is, the less effective it is.  To prevent a sudden break, the strength should roughly match up the mass of the fish species caught.

6. Thou Shall Be Respectful Of Other Anglers In Fort Myers, Never Steal Their Spot Or Scare Away Fish With Too Much Noise

Thou shalt be your brother’s keeper. Smaller fish are often scared by loud noises. Fish feel water pressure through vibration and changes in their skin. However, larger fishes may react to loud noises as a potential threat and move away from the location.

Every Angler in Fort Myers must be cautious of their proximity to any other angler and how their actions affect them.

7. Thou Shalt Not Litter In Fort Myers, Or Anywhere Else For That Matter

One of the most fundamental ways an angler practices conservation is by preventing the spread of any invasive species. Before you leave the water, clean and dry your gear, boat, and shoes. Never dump live bait or live fish in the surroundings. Thou shalt dispose of any unwanted fish parts, packing materials, and unwanted bait in the trash: never dump any of these into the water.

8. Thou Shalt Be Patient

Angling requires time, patience, and persistence which will all pay off when you get that bite.  Angling is the art of patience. Some people tend to quit too fast if they do not capture a fish within their first few strikes. Sometimes you may not get something in your first thirty minutes or more.

Thou shalt approach the beautiful waters at fort Myers with perseverance and ample time available to enjoy angling. Come as early as dawn, stretch out your link and soak your focus on the beautiful sights and wait.  An angler cultivates a spirit of patience and the ability to appreciate the rewards of waiting.

9. Thou Shalt Not Fish In Public Places Where Signs Prohibit It

The Florida marine sanctuary uses marine zoning to protect the special kinds of habitats and to avoid conflict within different users like divers and anglers. As an angler in Fort Myers, thou shalt refrain from angling in areas that a sign prohibits. The prohibition and zoning are aimed at balancing recreational and commercial market interest while maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

There are so many areas you can get a catch at fort Myers and keeping your boat off prohibited zones shouldn’t be an issue.

10. Get An Experienced Fishing Charter On Your Fishing Adventure, Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters!

Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters is determined to ensure every angling experience our clients have unforgettable. Aside from keeping up with the commandments, we pride ourselves on our intrinsic ability to catch trophy fish. Beyond being angling guides, our charters offer you dolphin tours, sightseeing, and eco-tours.

Get a licensed captain with Caloosahatchee to guide you around the waters at Fort Myers. The biggest advantage of having an experienced local charter is that we have vast local knowledge on the sweet angling spots. Expect a quality, fun-filled, and adventurous day on the beautiful scenic waters of SouthWest Florida.

Whether you are just beginning your angling journey, a seasoned angler, fishing as a sport, or need practice for a tournament season, our Charters are equipped with the right skill level to suit their services to make your experience at whichever level,  a success.

Thou shalt not regret having an experienced fishing charter to guide you through a productive fishing adventure. Contact us today to schedule service.