If you want to have a memorable, fun experience when charter fishing, it is essential that you consider getting the right gear, equipment, and a positive attitude.

Charter fishing is the ideal fishing excursion service, and having a boat could make for an even more successful fishing charter trip; hence, hiring one makes sense. Whether you are charter fishing for fun i.e. sportfishing or taking some fish for dinner, start by doing a few things. Researching and proper planning are recommended since fishing charters could differ dramatically from one place to another. Luckily for you, Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters recommend that you follow these proven resourceful tips, and by so, you will embark on your dream charter fishing trip.

What Should I Bring On A Fishing Trip?

If you plan to have a fishing escapade, it is essential to have the following.

1. Carry Food And Snacks

To enjoy lake and boat fishing charters, you need to stay hydrated and well-fed. With a full stomach, it gets easier to stay alert. It also gives you the energy to withstand the long hours in the large bodies of water and prevents you from getting tired.

2. Carry The Right Fishing Gear

It is essential to know where precisely in Fort Myers the charter fishing trips will occur before even buying the fishing gear. The knowledge will give you a basis for the type of equipment needed. An ordinary fishing charter experience in a boat might need regular fish baits. Still, deep-sea fishing may need sophisticated equipment like GPS and fish finders. Take your fishing equipment game plan a notch higher to avoid mechanical failures.

3.  Carry A Fish Knot

If you tie your fishing knot well, it will remain firm when setting the hook. Therefore, it is best to learn how to make the turtle knots for your lures and practice them beforehand.

Practice on the double surgeon knot because of its ability to attach two different lines. In case your lure gets stuck on a rock or the line breaks, the knot makes things more comfortable as you use other ropes attached to the hook. The Palomar knot and clinch knot are also helpful because of their strength as anglers, and it is easy to have accurate knotting in a boat.

Clothes And Shoes To Wear During Fishing

T-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeved shirts, and rubber shoes can all make excellent base layers depending on the weather and temperature. It’s good to wear thin, breathable socks, like polyester, which works best. When the weather is colder, you might need extra warmth, and wool is the safest way to go.

The perfect time to fish is when the sun is not scorching hot and when it’s not raining cats and dogs, just somewhere in between. It is vital to take note of fishing calendars and weather seasons but remember that those are basic guidelines because anything can happen. If there have been storms, hails or strong winds in days before the trip, be sure to keep your plans on hold till the bad weather improves. Remember, for a successful day in a fishing charters trip; one should consider their safety first. There are days when the weather changes with a 30-degree difference, so remember to carry warm jackets and sunscreen just in case.

Food To Eat While Fishing

Getting hungry when fishing is prone to happen. This is especially after spending a lot of time behind the rod. So it’s vital to bring accessible and handy foods on your fishing trip, which still taste good and offer you enough nourishment.


Ready-made sandwiches are pretty standard for short fishing trips. One can prepare them very quickly, and they are easy to grab on the go. You can have them in a variety such as cheese, ham, tomato, salad, olives; the possibilities are endless.


Nuts are also a great way of filling the time when you wait for that bite, as you can keep eating them, one by one, for a long time.

Don’t throw the trash overboard despite what food you decide to bring! Although most of us know this, some tourists on the charter boat may not have as much experience and thus could go ahead to litter. It might be because they think that the environmental policies don’t apply to deep waters and lead to the current accumulation of plastics. Future generations may want to experience a charter fishing trip but most likely won’t since the fish will be long gone. The fishing captain crew will no longer have jobs. It may also result in other small businesses being closed down. Let us have certain etiquette and respect the environment. Luckily for you, Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters guides such things.

Fishing In Fort Myers

Fishing encompasses various options, from boat fishing to deep-sea fishing, to tossing the net with a fishing line at the shoreline. It is essential to relate to the environment one is fishing to know the kind of fish to expect. If you want the rare ones go for the deep sea fishing option.

Hunters do some groundwork before going after wild animals, so you should also understand the fish ecosystem before any fishing trips.

Tell your charter captain the kind of fishing experience you are looking to have. Additionally, express your needs to the fishing captain. Remember that the fishing captains are experts in reading the weather, observing water patterns and fish behavior.

Therefore, it is essential to express your needs before helping you achieve your goals. This communication should be before the dock is pushed off or days before the charter fishing trip. It includes: telling your target fish number, fish species, fishing techniques, and fish methods you would want to try, e.g., called fishing or other anglers, whether an inshore or offshore trip, whether to carry your food or cook food in the boat. Ensure that both you and the charter captain are on the same page, not for your sake but the captain’s good too. When you are happy with the treatment offered, show some appreciation by dropping a tip on the tipping jar or sharing the fishing charter from Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters as a referral business to your friends.

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