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The Gulf of Mexico is home to a copious amount of delicious, powerful and fun fish to catch. While on an offshore/nearshore fishing charter inside of nine miles with Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters you will have chances to catch them all. If you are looking to harvest fresh delicious fish from the Gulf of Mexico this is the charter for you. Aboard an offshore fishing charter anglers will have opportunities depending on time of year to target: snapper, grouper, cobia, sheephead, triple tail, cobia, king mackerel, bonita, goliath grouper, sharks, permit, redfish, and amber jack. All of these species pull extremely hard and many of them are excellent table fair. Capt. Josh recommends a 6 hour minimum to a full day to get the job done (shorter days are available).

2 guy and a spiky fish

The winter months are a great time to fish the gulf for eaters, because most of our inshore game fish are more worried about keeping warm than eating. Snapper, king fish, barracuda, cobia, sheep head, amber jack, bonita, tripletail and groupers are usually the targeted species from November until early April. Offshore/nearshore fishing charters are great for anglers who are looking for a lot action and steady bites. Even if the big keeper fish are not biting there are a variety of smaller reef fish that will almost always nibble on your baits and keep you occupied, these charters can be great for kids and larger fishing parties of 5-6 so everyone can fish.

a man and a woman holding a fish

Since acquiring a bigger boat Capt. Josh’s love for offshore fishing has grown tremendously. He thoroughly enjoys being out away from the crowds alone in the Gulf. Be mindful of weather. Offshore fishing Charters need to have good weather to get out there and do it right. Capt. Josh knows his vessel and what is safe, comfortable, and do able conditions to ensure a pleasurable offshore experience.

Capt. Josh’s favorite offshore specie for action, size, numbers, speed, and power is the king mackerel. King mackerel are by far the most explosive, toothy, powerful, and fun fish to catch in the gulf. They don’t take forever to real in and put up one heck of a fight. Once found and chummed up king mackerel charters can be four or more hours of nonstop drag screaming action with fish ranging in the 10-35 pound class range. You better be ready for chaos and quads when it’s on!


If you want to cry and not feel your arms the next day big sharks on the shrimp boats and amber jack on the near shore wrecks is for you. The shrimp boats usually come in close March and April. They are floating utopias for giant sharks. Reason being these shrimpers shrimp all night filling their nets and decks with tons of bi catch (fish, crabs, and eels). The sharks and other predatory fish will follow the boats all night around eating their nets and waiting for the shrimpers to dump the bi catch over board so they can easily feast. This makes it easy for us as fisherman because the sharks are already chummed up and in a feeding frenzy. The shrimp boats hold big black tips and spinner sharks with the occasional hammer, tiger, and sandbar shark lurking in the depths. Big bonita and cobia will also follow the shrimp boats feasting on all the bi catch thrown overboard. When this type of action is going on you can bet your bottom dollar Capt. Josh will be bringing you straight to it!

Bottom fishing natural ledges and artificial reefs is the most common style of offshore fishing Capt. Josh does. This means clients will drop shrimp, pinfish, shiners, and a variety of cut baits down to the bottom in hopes of bringing up some of the Gulf of Mexico’s most awesome and tasty delicacies. Putting out flat lines rigged with wire will ensure we catch any toothy critters that may swim by or that get in our chum slick while we are focused on catching dinner.

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