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Cobias are usually mistaken for sharks at first glance. However, this specie is far smaller and easier to catch than the mighty shark, making them ideal for novice anglers. You can capture cobias in Florida’s shallow and deep waters. Although cobia is available all year round in Fort Myers, it is best to catch them during April and then again during September and October.



Permits are among the best coastal fishes because they are both fun to fish and delectable to eat. It is a popular sport fish that thrives mainly during the summer months. That’s why anglers after this fish specie start to flock to Florida around May to September. Learn more about this famous fish here and how to book your next fun fishing trip with us.

Peacock Bass

Peacock bass fish is a popular game fish, but not many people know that fishing for peacock bass is also possible in Fort Mers, Florida. In fact, you can experience it in many corners of Florida. This fish is more active during the day and are known for its bright yellow color. This fish specie is also cold-sensitive, so fishing for peacock bass is best during warmer seasons.

Peacock Bass


Sharks thrive in both the inshore and offshore waters of Florida. The bigger and more aggressive ones are off to the deeper waters, while the smaller species swim in the shallow areas. Fishing for sharks is possible all year round, but more shark species swim to Florida during the warmer season. A challenging shark fishing adventure awaits you from July to September. If you’re interested and wish to know more about sharks, click here.



Fort Myers, Florida, offers an all-year-round redfish fishing, with August to October as its prime seasons. This specie usually hides on mangrove islands and shallow spots during high tides. Look into redfish more before going on your next fishing adventure



Snook’s prime season is during the spring and summer months. However, this species is present all year round in Fort Myers, so there’s no problem fishing them from July through December. When you’re in Florida, fishing snook during these months is just as exciting as fishing them during its prime season. This might be because snooks thrive massively in Florida. Check out more about snooks and how to book an exciting snook fishing trip with us.


If you’re looking for a fun, relaxing, yet exciting fishing adventure but want to opt out of the exhausting tarpon fishing, then fishing for ladyfish is for you. Ladyfish fishing is excellent almost all year round. It’s a good option if you’re more into a relaxing fishing trip, enjoying the weather and the view. If you want to learn more about ladyfish fishing, you can click here.



Trouts are a common species found in the Southern United States, such as Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. This species is famous for recreational or fun fishing and is caught chiefly on shallow, grassy flats. Its size usually ranges from 14 to 20 inches, just the right size for a fun catch. If you’re in Florida and plan to go on fun fishing, you might want to check out more about trout here.

sea trout
tarpon fishing


Anyone who’s been tarpon fishing once would definitely go back for more, especially if it’s in Fort Myers, Florida. After all, the tarpon is the most challenging and thrilling fish to jump and land. Learn more about this mighty sliver king and how to book your next tarpon fishing trip with Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters.


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