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Snook isn’t the biggest fish found in Fort Myers, but make no mistake because this creature wouldn’t let go without putting up a good fight. This species is also among the most commonly found in Fort Myers — specifically abundant from March to December.  However, the prime time for fishing snooks is from May to September. At this time, snook thrives mainly in the Caloosahatchee River and most Fort Myers nearshores.


a man holding a redfish


The redfish, also called the red drum, is an excellent game fish. It may not be as mighty as a tarpon, but you can bring this fish home and serve it for dinner. You can find this in many of the nearshore grass flats near Fort Myers and the mangroves surrounding it. This species is present all year round, but its prime season is August to October. During these months, the water temperature warms up to mid 70 to 80 degrees and then cools back down to mid 80 to mid 70 degrees.


Fishing for ladyfish is both fun and relaxing. Its size may not be gigantic, but it’s aggressive and gears up for a good fight. Its high season is from January through September. During these months, the ladyfish swims in groups in the inshore and coastal waters, usually within the grass flats.


sea trout

Sea Trout

Sea trout fishing is open all year round in Florida. Sea trout is a popular species for inshore fishing. However, the bigger ones swim in the slightly deeper waters of Florida. Fort Myers is where trout thrives just about anywhere in the shallow areas. Hence, you will have hundreds of spots to choose from. This fish will just be there waiting for your lure. However, if you’re after the giant trout, you might want to stock on patience. This giant creature is no easy catch.


Fishing for permits is a fantastic fishing experience. This fish usually swims around shallow waters like flats and muddy bottoms. Those found around Florida typically weigh 20 to 30 pounds, definitely not a bad catch considering how hard it is to hook this fish. The ideal season for permit fishing starts around March through July. They decline in number around September onwards.

Big Permit

triple tail and a 3 boys


Tripletail is an average size marine fish that floats on its side near the water’s surface. The name tripletail came from the unusual position of the specie’s dorsal, caudal and anal fins, which make it look like it has three tails. This fish has low tolerance against winter waters, so they are mostly found during summer and spring. Good triple tail fishing starts in February until October, but its prime seasons are from March through June.

King Mackerel

A favorite target of tournament anglers, the King Mackerel is a powerful fish swimming near the water surface. They usually find this fast and tricky fish heavily feeding on smaller fishes off the shores of Fort Myers and Sanibel Island. The King Mackerel loves warm seasons; that’s why high fishing seasons for them are from January to April

catching king mackeral

Sheep head fish


Sheepshead especially likes the Gulf waters of Florida because it offers them bays, canals, and coastlines they love. This species can live both inshore and in freshwater. Anglers remember the sheepshead for its striking black stripes and mouth shape. Furthermore, what’s great about this species is that you won’t miss them any time of the year because it has no lean season. You can catch sheepshead any time of the year, from January to December.


Fishing for sharks is probably the best way to spice up your summer fishing adventure, but only if you aren’t faint-hearted. Fort Myers and Sanibel beach are the perfect places for shark fishing. Various shark species lurk inshore in these areas, such as the bonnethead, nurse, lemon, blacktip, and the famously aggressive bull shark. The peak season for shark fishing is when the water is warmer and calmer, specifically during the summer months.


tarpon fish


The Florida waters are most famous for their mighty tarpon. Tarpon fishing requires patience and a lot of drive, but your chances of catching one are high during spring and summer. Learn more about tarpon fishing and how to book an exciting tarpon fishing trip with us any time of the year.


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