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happy kiddo inshore fishing charters


Fort Myers Florida is a fisherman’s dream come true. Not only does it offer both fresh and saltwater fishing, it holds some of the world’s most famous and sought after big game fish on the planet. Most anglers come here target the saltwater slam and grand slam. The saltwater slam is comprised of catching the Snook, Redfish, and speckled sea trout all in one day. The grand slam is on most anglers’ bucket list. Grand slams consist of fishing for and catching the Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, and Speckled Sea Trout all in the same day. The grand slam is very difficult to do considering tarpon are a seasonal fish and are here during certain times of the year only. The slam is more common because the Snook, trout, and redfish are residential fish abundant all year long.

fort myers inshore fishing charters

The most common Fort Myers Fishing charter is the half day inshore or Back Bay fishing charter. Half day inshore or back bay fishing charters in Fort Myers typically range from 4-6 hours and cost anywhere from $450-$700 for 1-3 people. On these inshore charters anglers should be guided by a local, experienced, licensed, and insured professional coast guard approved captain. Your captain should have a live well full of fresh caught shiners, pinfish, paired with some live shrimp. If they do not have some type of live bait you should reconsider booking with that individual. Live bait is pretty abundant year round with the exception of winter where water temperatures drop making bait scarce. Besides from having great live baits your captain should have a nice clean, big safe boat that can comfortably seat and fish 3-6 anglers. As a professional charter fishing captain, they should have good quality reliable gear to help you catch that fish of a lifetime.

baby boy inshore fishing charters

There are a variety of other species to target besides the prestigious slams on inshore and Back Bay fishing charters in Fort Myers. Jack crevalle’s are one of my favorite charter fish. Jack’s are a very explosive and powerful fish offering one heck of battle! Besides jacks, Spanish mackerel, sheep head, snappers, lady fish, blue fish, catfish, and the occasional flounder are all species that can be targeted and caught in back waters of South West Florida.

Most inshore fishing charters begin bright and early in the morning. Start times usually begin around 7-8 am. However weather and tides can affect start times. As a client that wishes to have a great fishing adventure, you should be open to starting and fishing when your captain thinks it will best no matter the time of day or the conditions. Late afternoons till sunset can also be excellent times of day to fish so don’t be hung up on having to go early. More times than not late afternoon bites are some of the best bites of the day.

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