If you consider having a fishing trip with your friends, Fort Myers is the best place to be.   It is a fishing hotspot, and there are good reasons for planning a fishing trip in Fort Myers, FL  Let’s dive into those advantages.

You Will Find Warm Water,  Lagoons And Bays

Fort Myers, FL, is a fantastic place to go for fishing trips.  The water temperature is around eighty-five degrees at midday. There are no waves, and the water is extremely quiet.

Additionally, it has bays. The highlights include an old-fashioned beach park plus extras, cultural and historical spots, holiday lights, and moonlight paddles.

Home For Many Species Of Fish Including Redfish, Trout And Snook


Fort Myers, FL, has plenty of trout with spots. Artificial fishing is a typical method of catching them.  The best tie to go fishing them is when the water is cool in the winter.


They can be found in abundance in Fort Myers, FL. Artificial lures, cut bait, and live bait can be used to catch Redfish.


Snooks can be found in Fort Myers, FL. They are delicious and not easy to catch. 

Inshore anglers love the challenge, and snook puts up a good fight.  They are stubborn, which is why they appeal to so many anglers.

The Best Time To Go For Fishing Trip In Fort Myers Is From March To September

In March, there are plenty of activities and fishing options that will keep you busy, from the famous lions club shrimp festivals to the arrival of the cobia near shore. In June,  fishing is best early in the morning or evening.  July, the best time for fishing is early in the morning where inshore fish will be hiding out in cool water.

In August, it is hot, creating a great time to relax on the sugar sands and bottom fishing offshore. During September as well the weather is cool and, most importantly,  less crowded. It explains why those months are the best for planning a fishing trip in Fort Myers, FL. They have the best climate.

How To Prepare Your Fishing Trip

Find A Fishing Charter Company

If you want to fully enjoy your fishing trips in Fort Myers, FL, choose Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters. We can provide you with exceptional guided fishing trips. 

We Have Everything That You Need

At Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters, we have everything that you’re going to need for your fishing in Fort Myers. You’ll just have to come with your hat and a suntan lotion while we will bring everything else.

We Know All The Best Fishing  Spots

Because of our years of fishing experience in Fort Myers, we know all the best spots where you’re going to catch big fish. Our captain is also an experienced fisherman and an avid angler and will guide you to ensure you have a memorable and great fishing experience.

Maximum Safety

Another great advantage is that all your fishing tours are going to be safe because our experience has enabled us to know how to ensure safety at any given time. All you need to do is listen to our captain and crew, and go home with a good number of fish to enjoy friends.

Learning Is Fun

You’re going to learn a lot of things if you choose our charter for your fishing in Fort Myers. You will learn something new if we accompany you on your fishing tours whether it’s learning new techniques for catching fish or knowing different types of fish. You will always gain more knowledge at the end of the day. 

Consider The Size Of The Boat You Want To Book

The size of the boat depends on what will be comfortable for you on the fishing trip that you plan and how carefully you will pick good traveling weather.  The boat must be large enough and well built to safely carry the equipment needed in that fishing trip in Fort Myers., FL

There are a variety of boats for rentals in Fort Myers, FL.  The other thing to consider when choosing the boat is the number of people you have for that fishing trip. 

Plan For The Type Of Fishing You Want To Do

When planning a fishing trip to Fort Myers,  you should know the type of fishing you want.  It could be either deep-sea fishing or freshwater fishing. Freshwater fishing runs all year long. Freshwater sources virtually surround land areas, with the Caloosahatchee river leading off hundreds of miles of canals. 

Deep-sea fishing, also known as offshore fishing, carries you deep into the gulf more than nine miles of the coastline. You can easily be underwater a hundred feet deep or more. Deep-sea fishing is best for summer travelers.  It is usually available during the peak of summer heat.

The cost of deep-sea fishing depends on the number of people you have on board when planning for the fishing trip in Fort Myers, FL.  The charter provider will cover everything you need for the trip, first aid, various garments for different weather, pack enough meals, and anything else recommended by the guide.

Book Your Trip For A Day That Has A Good Weather Forecast

You can choose to go for the fishing trip at Fort Myers, FL, either in winter, summer, fall, or spring. It will depend on which weather is favorable for you. Warmth in winter is a natural feature in Fort Myers.  For those who are used to seeing winter snow,  the gulf water feels amazing, and spending your winter on a tropical island will make you feel much better.

The fall season is underappreciated in Fort Myers, FL. The weather is wonderful. The ocean is warm,  the temperature has dropped from highs in the summer, and the white sand beaches are open.

Acquire Licenses If necessary

Before you set sail,  you will almost certainly require a fishing license.  A fishing license is not required for children under the age of sixteen or Florida citizens over sixty-five. You can acquire a fishing license by phone, online, or in-person for a nominal price. When planning for a fishing trip in Fort Myers, FL, you should pick out baits, rods, lines hooks, and other gear for your trip.

Plan A Fishing Trip With the Best In Fort Myers

Fort Myers is a fantastic destination for recreational fishing with great weather. Whether you’re looking to bring your friends and family or strike out on the open seas alone, Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters has everything necessary to make sure that your experience will be enjoyable from start to finish! 

It’s not every day that these opportunities come around so don’t wait another minute – contact us today if there are any questions we can answer about Fort Myers’ best-kept secret.