We are a fishing charter company that offers inshore and nearshore fishing charter services to our customers. Our services also consist of fishing guide services that have been helpful for all types of interested parties in the Fort Myers, Florida, area.

Our clients appreciate our fishing charters in Fort Myers because we offer a slew of comprehensive options that target many types of saltwater species. 

Be sure to ask us about other options and excursions that we can provide to you and your overall party. We are quite confident that you will have a wonderful, enjoyable and fun filled adventure out on the water with us. Remember that you can reach out to us at 239-628-2990 to reserve your fishing charter today.

But what should you know as you seek to obtain new memories, check out the various scenery, and get the right fish on your future fishing adventure?

Here is what you need to know about our fishing charters and how they work. 

How Prepare For Your Trip

So, you are interested in taking a trip in the Fort Myers area and would like to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding waters. Sure, that’s fantastic!

But how can you make sure that your trip goes well?

Here are a few simple ways to prepare for the trip.

The Preparation

You might think, wait, I thought that you would provide everything for the journey? Sure, we are able to provide a comprehensive list of items to take the majority of the stress and burden off of your shoulders. At the same time, you will still need to keep a few aspects of your trip in mind.


One critical point throughout the journey is to ensure that you are communicating your needs and expectations for the trip. A constant level of appropriate communication will ensure that everyone can meet their expectations. We know that you seek to catch the right fish and want to make it an enjoyable experience.

We will do our best to help you meet your needs but communication is critical throughout the entire process.

What else can you learn about when it comes to communication? What should you certainly know before the trip?

Understand The Policies of the Fishing Charter

Remember that all fishermen and party members must ensure to adhere to the simple rules of conduct and charter policies. These policies may be comprehensive or may be in addition to what your fishing charter guide will tell you while you are on the boat.

What do you have to watch out for when it comes to our policies? These policies may include cancellations by the guest, cancellations by the boat, keeping your fish, bringing children, tipping after the trip, seasickness, guarantees, and rules of conduct.

Cancellation By The Guest

In regard to cancellation by the guest, please ensure to call or email to ask any questions as each situation is different. We will ensure to have a cancellation period. If you are able to meet the policy regarding your cancellation period, you will have to incur a charge. 

The reason why our cancellation period varies is because of capacity and other factors during different seasons. You can obtain more information during or after you book your charter.

Boat Cancellations

Boat cancellations may take place due to one reason or other. It is essential to note that there will be no charges cancellation occurs on our part for any specific reason. Why might we cancel the trip? 

One reason why we may cancel the trip is due to boat issues. Yet another reason we may cancel the trip is due to staffing issues due to excessive sickness, ailments, and other problems. You may also notice a more common reason, the weather. If we think that we will face some poor weather, we will then ensure to cancel for overall safety purposes.

Age and Physical Requirements

We want everyone to experience the open waters with our fishing charters. At the same time, we have seen that these fishing expeditions can be quite demanding for some. 

These expeditions may require a certain level of physical strength and overall composure that a few may not possess. That is why we may restrict those who are elderly and those under certain age groups to ensure everyone’s overall safety.

Remember that there are varying levels of stress present within each adventure, we are sure that most people can handle the stress, but some may require a bit more strength.

We will discuss your situation and move forward accordingly.


Ensure that you are taking the right precautions if you are prone to seasickness.

Zero Guarantees

Fishing is fun because you have the element of uncertainty. You might catch a fish or you might not. Capt. Josh will ensure to make it a pleasant experience to the best of his ability but cannot promise that you will catch the fish that you seek.

Select the Perfect Spot

Where do you seek to catch fish? 

What type of fish do you see to catch? It is essential to remember that if you can answer these questions, you will know that you are headed in the right direction and that everything will be more in line with your expectations as you embark on your adventure.

Remember that your Fort Myers fishing charter experts will have extensive experience when it comes to specific fishing areas. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to our representatives and they will guide you in the right direction.

Also, fishing in this particular region is a great experience that can be very different from fishing in other places in Florida or elsewhere, so you should know what you are seeking while on the trip to have the best experience.

Select The Right Charter

You want to make sure that you are selecting the one that is best one for you.

For instance, do you want to go on a full day tip or a half-day trip? Do you want an inshore trip or an offshore trip? Do you seek to have a private party for a small group of people?

Whatever the case may be, make sure to choose the one that is best for your situation!

View Weather Forecasts

While you are booking your trip, you want to make sure that you note the weather. It is good to know the weather to choose a day that looks like it may have minimal problems.

It is also essential to note the weather because you must check for the clothing and gear to be comfortable and ready for the trip.

This is a part of the overall preparation process, but it is worth mentioning again!

What To Pack

Ensure to pack the right clothing, from a jacket to a windbreaker if it may be windy.

Foul weather gear should always be brought on any fishing related whether you need it or not. It would be best if you also remembered to pack some water bottles, some shoes, sunscreen, and other materials that you believe are necessary for your trip.

Not sure what else to pack?

Reach out to us to ask questions about your trip after booking!

Boarding and Expectations

We want to make sure that we are treating everyone fairly in everything we do. That is why we expect to have respect, courtesy, and general peace while we are on the trip. 

In addition, we expect for everyone to be courteous and mindful of the rules and policies we have in place so that everyone can have a great time.

Remember that when you choose an eight hour booking, you are choosing to go out on the waters for eight hours, so prepare for that in advance!

Different Types Of Fishing Gear

We are able provide foundational elements of fishing gear but you may want to have other types of fishing gear. 

If you seek to be more comprehensive and thorough with your fishing gear, be sure to let us know. This enables us to account for your requirements as we prepare to set off for the day.

Remember to ask us any questions you might have when it comes to your fishing gear and the supplies that we provide for your trip!

What Happens to The Fish Caught

This is one of the most important questions!

Remember that what happens to the fish caught may vary across different charters. But generally, in Fort Myers, you currently cannot  keep any snook, redfish or trout on inshore fishing charters. This is regardless of the fishing charter ship that you may choose to go with.

The only area you can bring fish home is on offshore/nearshore fishing charters in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Different charters have different rules, policies, and regulations, so it is best to keep that in mind and ask questions about your fish after booking!

We know you will have fun on your trip! But make sure to stay safe, pack right, and ask questions throughout the process so that you can have the best time possible.

Reach out to us at 239-628-2990 for any questions and concerns about your booking. We are pleased to help you make the most out of your day.