Fort Myers tarpon fishing is at its best a few days before, during, and after the new and full moons. During our summer months of May, June, and July we have what we call hill tides. These tides occur once every two weeks on the new and full moons. The tide comes in super strong and high for a period of time then it rushes out for the rest of the day. Hill tides are a tarpons favorite tide.

Why? Because during these super tides all the crabs get sucked out to sea from the grass flats of the back bay. The tarpon stack in the passes  aka ( Boca grande, captiva, and redfish pass). We typically drift live crabs we catch under a cork or free line them to the feeding tarpon for the duration of the tide. Hill tides are a lot fun and produce multiple hooks on a 6-8 hour tarpon fishing charter. Be sure to visit for booking inqueries. Until next time jump em high.

Capt. Josh