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I require a $100 non refundable deposit per day deposit to hold a date. Deposits are valid for one year from the original booking date.

Cancellation Policy
Capt Josh has a zero tolerance cancelation policy. A mandatory non refundable 104$ deposit must be placed to make a reservation with Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters. Once a deposit is placed you are committing that you will show up on time on the given day you selected to fish. Deposits will be refunded if Capt. Josh deems the weather unsafe or unfishable. Deposits and selecting to place your card on file is mandatory for booking a charter with Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters. If there is need of a cancelation prior to two weeks of your charter your deposits will not be refunded. However if you rebook within a year your deposit will still be valid. Cancelling within two weeks will result in being charged for the full amount of the charter you booked if it cannot be rebooked. Canceling within 3 days of your charter date will result in being charged the full amount of the charter booked. No questions asked. It is nearly impossible to rebook a trip at such a short notice.

Equipment Policy
Captain Josh is outfitted with top of the line custom built rods by one of the best rod builders in the world. In the event of damaging or breaking one of these custom Spartan Stix’s you will be charged full amount to replace the damaged rod. Each rod cost 400$. In the event a reel is dropped over board, submerged in the live well, left laying on the deck to get stepped on (and it does) you will be responsible for the replacement value of the reel. Reels range from 150-250$. To avoid any mishaps please place rods in rod holders, leave ample line out (the whole length of the rod) use hook holders to securely put hooks away. Hook holders are located right above the fore grip. Eyes on the rods are not hook holders.

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