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Charter pick up location is 15001 Punta Rassa rd Fort Myers fl 33908

It is customary but not mandatory to tip the captain and mate on any charter you take anywhere around the world. Typically 20 percent is going rate. Captains do a lot of behind the scenes work to ensure boats; trucks, trailers, and gear are in tip top shape to perform their job. Nothing that has to do with boats and fishing is cheap. Captains and I especially spend a lot of time and energy to ensure we have proper baits and gear for the next day and morning of so I can deliver the best results possible.

Captain Josh is outfitted with top of the line custom built rods by one of the best rod builders in the world. In the event of damaging or breaking one of these custom Spartan Stix’s you will be charged full amount to replace the damaged rod. Each rod cost 400$. In the event a reel is dropped over board, submerged in the live well, left laying on the deck to get stepped on (and it does) you will be responsible for the replacement value of the reel. Reels range from 150-250$. To avoid any mishaps please place rods in rod holders, leave ample line out (the whole length of the rod) use hook holders to securely put hooks away. Hook holders are located right above the fore grip. Eyes on the rods are not hook holders.

Capt Josh has a zero tolerance cancelation policy. A mandatory non refundable 104$ deposit must be placed to make a reservation with Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters. Once a deposit is placed you are committing that you will show up on time on the given day you selected to fish. Deposits will be refunded if Capt. Josh deems the weather unsafe or unfishable. Deposits and selecting to place your card on file is mandatory for booking a charter with Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters. If there is need of a cancelation prior to two weeks of your charter your deposits will not be refunded. However if you rebook within a year your deposit will still be valid. Cancelling within two weeks will result in being charged for the full amount of the charter you booked if it cannot be rebooked. Canceling within 3 days of your charter date will result in being charged the full amount of the charter booked. No questions asked. It is nearly impossible to rebook a trip at such a short notice.

NO BANANAS! Please do not bring big bulky or Styrofoam coolers there is not enough room to store them. I have 2 large YETI coolers: 75YETI to store drinks and food and 210YETI cooler for dry storage. My coolers double as seating for up to 6 people! I suggest bringing your food, drinks, and belongings in some sort of tote/ canvas beach bag or small back pack. A pack that is compressible and easy to store. I will transfer your food and drinks in to my coolers.

I always tell my customers to bring their own food and drinks. I usually have waters and ice. I do encourage you bring your own water just in case you have personal brand preferences or if I do not have enough. Beer and liquor is permitted aboard my boat, I do also ask for my guests to wear white sole shoes, or boating non marking soles – anything without black bottoms please.

I recommend you bring your own sunscreen and a towel. I prefer my guests refrain from the use of spray sunscreen only because it leaves a slippery residue on the boat as it stains the cushions, and the deck.

If you plan on keeping fish I suggest you bring some sort of container/cooler to keep in your car till the trip is over. As a guest I supply your fishing licenses. It does not hurt to have your own Florida fishing license. Wal mart and some tackle shops supply them or you can order online at myfwc.com. Having a license with a reef specie endorsement will allow for us to get where we normally cannot go. DON’T FORGET your SUNGLASSES. A good pair of polarized glasses is a key component out here on the water. If you have some bring them so you can see what I see. I highly recommend Costa Del Mar or Smith Optics.

If you have never fished before it is not a problem whatsoever. 99% of the customers that step aboard my boat have never fished or have not fished in a really long time. I love teaching people how fish and thoroughly enjoy it. I will teach you how to cast, how to fight the fish and answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability. I consistently fish with people that have never fished a day in their life and we make it happen day in and day out.

If the weather by my judgment is deemed too bad to fish I will reschedule your trip for a better day. However storms do pop up while we are out there. If that be the case we will seek shelter till the weather passes then resume our trip afterwards.

Yes children and families are more than welcome. I myself am a father of 4 boys. So I understand and enjoy seeing the smiles and joy fishing brings to them.

The most common depth of the water we will be fishing on inshore or Back Bay fishing charters in Fort Myers is 3-10 feet. On offshore fishing charters the depth can range anywhere form 10-50 feet.

The longest fish I have caught is a tarpon and pacific sailfish. The tarpon was 82 inches and the sailfish was 100 inches. As goes for the heaviest was a goliath grouper. That bad boy was 400-450 pounds.

My favorite months are April- December

Yes. 6 as of 2020

ding darling tournament

Normally early mornings and late afternoons till sunset. There are days when the fish chew at high noon. Fish are tide sensitive. I personally like to fish near the full and new moons. That is when we have the best moving water. But honestly it doesn’t matter. The fish are a lot like us, they eat when they want to eat and if I could make them eat I could charge a lot more money lol

No, all deposits are non refundable. If we have to cancel because of weather I will issue a refund. I make the call if the weather is deemed unfishable or not safe. YES, ALL customers are required to place a deposit to make reservations. My calendar is online and is a first come first serve basis. It makes everyone’s lives easier!

Cash or credit card is the easiest and most convenient way pay remaining balances. Cash will save you on convenience fees. Also as a customer there is an option to put your card on file. This makes for speedy check outs and very convenient to book future trips

Soon as you know you are 100% coming to Fort Myers. Booking in advance ensures you get in with me.

Yes 100% percent, putting your correct email and cell phone number on file at the time of booking allows for me to stay in touch with you before and after your charter. I send out newsletters periodically throughout the year letting clients know what has been happening down here and reminders when start thinking about booking there next adventure.

Yes you may.


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