If you are looking for an excellent tarpon fishing adventure, there is no place like Fort Myers, Florida. Southwest Florida is known as the Tarpon Capital of the World. This is because the first Tarpon was caught right here in Tarpon Bay on Sanibel Island’s Bayside in 1855.  Some fish lovers move from Lee County near Gasparilla Island to Fort Myers where they can explore their love for Tarpon fishing.  Another popular spot is Boca Grande Pass which has deep waters with tarpons and sharks. Let’s take a closer look at the Fort Myers Tarpon fishing experience.

Fishing For Tarpon-the Silver King

Tarpon, also known as “The Silver King,” has an average of 7-feet in length and can weigh over 250 pounds. Tarpon feed on crabs, fish, and shrimp. They are mostly found close to shore and can live in both fresh and saltwater because they can gulp air directly. The silver color of the scales is what gives the Tarpon its nickname- the Silver King. Surprisingly, Tarpon is known for being a really poor-tasting fish. They are popularly known for sport, due to the thrilling experience they give during fishing.

How Hard is it to Catch a Tarpon?

Tarpon is ranked as the most challenging fish to catch in Florida. Tarpon’s mouth is large, terminal at the frontmost part of the head, slightly upturned, and extremely boney, making it difficult to hook them.

If you manage to hook them by reeling, it becomes a challenge because they keep on jumping and thrashing around, fighting, and they’re often able to release themselves from the hook quickly. A Report on the Catch-and-Release Mortality Study on Tarpon in Boca Grande Pass says Only around 37% of those that manage to get them on the hook actually bring them into the boat.

Their fight, stamina, and acrobatic leaps explain why it is a popular sport in the sport fishery. Its difficulty, however, gives anglers an incredible experience, especially when they make a catch. The experience is exciting, rewarding, and worth every energy and effort.

The Best Lure for Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon can be caught on live bait or lures, but bait with a circle hook gives you the best chance of landing them. Once the Tarpon has taken the bait and is swimming off, then put the reel in gear and start reeling to get the circle hook caught in the corner or top of its mouth where it might stick.

The key is making sure the bait is what Tarpon naturally eats. Tarpon in Gulf Coast waters feeds on crabs. In other cases, including Fort Myers, some fishers use sardines to lure them. Live mullet is a tarpon grab and is highly recommended for tarpon fishing. However, in the summer, in the middle of May, the mullet thin out, and many tarpon anglers switch to using crabs.

One of the best artificial lures for tarpon fishing is the D.O.A. Bait Buster, a mullet imitation with a fluttering tail action and comes in a couple of different sizes. If you come intending to catch a tarpon, use live bait. It is easier to hook when tarpon fishing. But if you want more of a challenge, use the artificial lures and enjoy the adrenaline thrusting; it will definitely be rewarding. However, many experienced anglers prefer live bait or fresh dead bait over artificial lures.

Does Tarpon Bite Hurt?

There haven’t been reported troublesome cases of Tarpon biting across Florida or in Fort Myers. Unlike other big fishes, tarpon doesn’t have sharp teeth; they have tiny teeth called villiform that feel like sandpaper that would not have massive damage when they bite. At Robbies Tarpon Feeding in the Florida Keys, visitors have reported no harm in being bitten by the Tarpon as they feed them. The feeling is gritting and could only hurt a little due to the weight of the Tarpon.

Best Time For Fort Myers Tarpon Fishing

Tarpons are highly migratory. For tarpon catch, you have to be in the right place at the right time. However, tarpons are significantly concentrated in the Gulf of Mexico. In southwest Florida, April through June is the prime season for Tarpon fishing. In Fort Myers, Tarpon Season fishing varies moderately throughout the year.

However, the high tarpon season is May to July as they migrate to the North towards Boca Grande Pass, where they feed before they head offshore to spawn. As the flood in the back bays of Fort Myers, Most tarpon fishing charters start targeting tarpon on a daily basis. According to many anglers and fishing charters in Fort Myers, the best time for fishing in these waters is early morning or evening, where there no many boats.

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