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The Falcon is a custom 24 foot high sided, very sturdy, dry riding center console fishing boat that is adapted to handling all of your charter fishing needs. Whether you are looking to spend the day fishing in Fort Myers back bay, enjoying a Dolphin tour with your family, are looking to hook tarpon, snook and redfish, our boat does it all. With over 16 fishing rod holders and the space to accommodate groups and families up to 6 persons, our 24’ charter boat has everything you need for a great day on the water.

The boat is equipped with a 2 large YETI coolers that double as seating, which can hold up to 6 people. The YETI Tundra 75 is for drinks and food and the YETI Tundra 210 is for dry storage. The Falcon is powered by a 250 horspower Suzuki four stroke engine that is reliable and super quite. Anchoring off the stern in the bay is no problem with twin 10 foot power poles. With a simple push a button we are anchored up and fishing. Ray marine is our choice of electronics. A 72 inch 112lb thrust Minnkota trolling motor allows for us to stealthily sneak up on fish and spot lock over offshore structures and bottom. The custom 50 gallon live well is loaded down with premium baits daily to ensure we are ready for anything that swims.


Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters uses some of the most reliable names in the industry for rods, reels, lines, and hooks. Equipped with Crowder rods, custom Spartan stixs, mustad hooks,diawa reels, spiderwire line and penn reels we are ready for anything and everything.

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  • Sunglasses: A good pair of polarized glasses is a key component out here on the water. If you have some bring them so you can see what I see. I personally where Costa del Mar and Smith optics.

  • Food and Drink: Please bring ample food and snacks for you and your party. We can always stop at a local waterfront restaurant if you would like to eat on the water. I usually have water and ice aboard, however it doesn’t hurt to bring a few extras and I recommend it. Florida can be extremely hot and you can never have enough water.

  • Sunscreen and a Towel: to clean off your hands after applying sunscreen, wipe fish slime off after taking pictures and or to sit on in the morning incase I forget mine or if the seats are soggy from rain the previous night

  • A Tote bag, small back pack to carry your food and drinks on board, sunscreen, extra clothes, rain gear, ect. One that is compressible and easy to store. Storage is limited

  • Cooler: If you plan on keeping your catch I recommend bringing your own cooler for the drive home. Yeti hoppers work great for this. Please leave big bulky coolers in your vehicle. I do not like the deck cluttered plus it is a tripping hazard. I want everyone to be as safe as possible.


  • NO BANANAS, I repeat NO BANANAS they are SUPER bad luck.

  • NO Spray sunscreen please: It leaves a slippery residue on the floor, gunnles and seats. Not only that it discolors cushions, and is safety hazard for myself and you

  • Coolers: There is no room to store big bulky coolers. The boat has 2 large YETI coolers for your use. Little lunch box size, yeti hoppers ect. is fine.

  • NO Black soled shoes please! Crocs, keens, black soled sneakers are the worst for my boat. Please. No shoes is best if the before mentioned is all you have, wear white bottom shoes or non marking soles. Sperry topsider, Columbia, olokai, pelagic, Huk gear makes great boat shoes and are awesome investments if you are a beach goer or boater.

  • NO Styrofoam coolers, they never survive a trip and always lose their lids


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