Early fall is one of the best times to book a fishing charter in Fort Myers. This time of year can offer a wide variety of species to target, redfish in particular. October is one of the most productive months to target big schools of redfish in the back bay. Finding schooling red fish can be very difficult due the vast areas of open water the fish can be at, at any giving time. If we are lucky enough to locate a school we have the potential to catch them till our arms fall off.

Ideal conditions for locating school of red fish during a fishing charter are at the ends of the outgoing and beginnings of the incoming tides. These specific time periods force the fish to be trapped off the edges of bars and big flats. The fish will start pushing their way back onto the flats or bars when that water starts to fill in. Typically making it very easy to see them.

On my last fishing charter with my awesome customer Rob we looked at 3 different spots before we finally found a school. Once we did, Rob single handidly caught 15 quality reds out of one school. It’ was quite a sight to see 80-100 plus fish eat us out of all our bait in a matter of 30-40 minutes. Book your Fort Myers Fishing Charter today to get in on the action.