If you enjoy fishing, your best fishing adventure has got to be tarpon fishing. Catching tarpons can both be exhilarating and exhausting because they’re well-known acrobats. They leap high, making them tough to catch. However, this trait also makes using the right fishing lures is essential to catch this legendary fish. To help you in your next tarpon adventure, here are ten of the best, tried and tested tarpon lures:

Bomber Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch Lure

Lures have to look realistic to attract tarpons. This particular lure has color options that have a natural appeal, especially the bone-colored with an orange throat. The lure can also endure harsh salt and deeper water because its hardware is made of premium materials. Additionally, the lure has sharp and corrosion-resistant hooks that make capturing tarpons at a distance possible.

The Bomber Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch Lure has both high and low-frequency versions. You can conveniently switch between these versions depending on the water condition. Both versions move in a sporadic motion, attracting more fish. On the other hand, the high-frequency version works best when it’s windy, or the water is rough.

DOA Bait Buster

The D.O.A. Bait Buster is the first D.O.A. fishing lure on our list. It usually comes in two sizes and is distinguished by its fluttering tail action. The lure has two versions: the Shallow Runner and Deep Runner. The Shallow Runner version works best when used for quick rolling. Meanwhile, the heavier Deep Runner version is ideal for casting greater distances.

If you prefer something more versatile, though, there is a third version known as the Trolling version. It is heavier than the other two versions, can be used for trolling and casting, and can sink through even the strongest currents where tarpons are typically spotted.

Hogy Original 10 Inches

The Hogy Original 10 inches undoubtedly has the most straightforward appearance of all the tarpon lures. However, never underestimate this tool beacuse of its simplicity. This lure has been a favorite since it first existed in 2004. It may have no frills, no built-in rattles, and no vibrant colors, but it has limitless versatility.

It can be rugged in different ways. Thus, the best way to use it depends on the user’s preference. However, many anglers usually opt for an offset hook to minimize snagging or ensure the tarpon faces away from the boat before striking.

Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft

Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft is a weedless bait that can snake through floating grass flats without fouling. It has different color varieties, all giving off realistic vibes, especially the bunker or menhaden version. Contributing to its realistic action are its jointed tail and natural wobble.

Still from Sebile, the Sebile Magic Swimmer Fast Sinking 145 is equally favored, especially when tarpons are active in shallow waters.

Rapala X-Rap Twitchin’ Mullet

When catching tarpon, settle for nothing but the best and one that has the highest quality. The X-Rap Twitchin’ Mullet is among Rapala’s many quality fishing products. These tarpon lures are perfect for hooking that small but tricky baby tarpon.

When fishing for smaller tarpons, the key is to reel quickly. The single hook in this seemingly live mullet lure helps swiftly go after those speedy tarpons. It is especially effective for tarpons rolling in marinas or canals like those in Southwest Florida.

D.O.A Shrimp

D.O.A Shrimp is another one from D.O.A. that many anglers regard as one of the best tarpon fishing lures. The 4-inch, ½-ounce version works particularly well for catching giant tarpon.

Shrimps are their favorite; hence, even the monster tarpon would not resist but chase this deceitful lure. Once it hooks a tarpon, the soft bait shrimp detaches from the hook and moves up the leader. This prevents damage to the soft portion of the lure. This specific D.O.A. Shrimp weight quickly propels into the striking zone. However, some anglers replace the default hook with a heavier one.

Yo-Zuri High-Speed Vibe

You would not want to leave home without the Yo-Zuri High-Speed Vibe lure in your tackle box when having fun fishing. Do not miss the opportunity to lure up to 15 knots, targeting tarpon. It trolls fast enough that your catch will make it in your boat when it hooks.

Tarpons are tough fish opponents. They would jump and fight and make you chase them hard, but the Yo-Zuri High-Speed Vibe secure hookset will win against this beast. You also can choose from its nine colors, each designed with different watercolor and level of visibility.

FishLab Mad Eel Tarpon Lures

The FishLab Mad Eel has this reflective eye feature in its shiny metalhead, perfect for targeting tarpon at night and in deep water. With the moon being your only primary source of light, it perfectly catches the attention of the tarpon and other fish. At night, it closely resembles the appearance of a real eel.

Many anglers prefer the black-ice colored version as it perfectly blends well with the dark. It also has top-notch durability and ideal dimensions of 7 inches in length and 2.4 ounces. This lure features a fillable compartment with glue to prevent the soft tail from separating when a tarpon fish powerfully strikes.

Heddon Saltwater Chug’n Spook

This one is popular for its cupped mouth. It mimics an active bait by chugging and spitting out water. This creates an impressive live bait imitation that no hungry tarpon can resist. Thanks to its excellent and brilliant design, you can have a tarpon for fun fishing.

The Heddon Saltwater Chug’n Spook has various color combinations, such as the crowd’s favorites, silver body and redhead. Once the tarpon fish falls into the lure, its premium quality and sharp double treble hooks will do the rest.

Strike King Saltwater Flats Jig

Despite its simple appearance, the Strike King Saltwater Flats Jats Jig is the 10th spot on the best tarpon fishing lures list. Do not underestimate its simple form because it works admirably well underwater. The hook is chemically sharpened with black nickel, keeping the tarpon fish in place once hooked.

Its jig head also has 3D eyes with chip-resistant paint. It retains its colors, hence also retaining visibility underwater. On top of these all, this silver king fish catcher is available at an affordable price.

Finding The Best Lures For Tarpon Fishing

Naturally, the best tarpon lures vary for each individual. Each lure works differently under changing weather and water conditions. Anglers specifically have different opinions on the best fishing lures; most of these are usually based on experience.

While it’s helpful to look at lists for the best tarpon lures, it’s also essential to check on crucial factors first. These factors include the season, water conditions, and your method of fishing. Looking at lists like this is just one way of finding the lures that best suit you.

So, before setting off for your next tarpon fishing adventure, check whether you have the ideal lures that would suit your tactics, the fishing conditions, or how you plan to hook the silver king.