Redfish are feisty game fish that can be found in many coastal areas around the United States.

If you’re looking for an exciting fishing adventure, Fort Myers is the place to be, as this city is home to some of the best redfish fishing spots in the country.

Fort Myers is a great place to catch redfish for a number of reasons:

  1. The area is home to a large number of redfish, making it easy to find them.
  2. The waters around Fort Myers are relatively shallow, making it easy to cast your line and reach the fish.
  3. The climate in Fort Myers is conducive to year-round fishing, meaning you can enjoy catching redfish any time of year.

So whether you’re a seasoned angler or just getting started, you should try redfish fishing in Fort Myers, Florida.

Keep reading to learn more about why redfish make great targets for anglers and learn about some basic guidelines to help you start reeling them in!

Characteristics Of The Redfish

Redfish, Sciaenops ocellatus, or red drum are fish most anglers love. Depending on age and weight, a three-year-old redfish typically weighs between six to eight pounds, and the full-grown adult can weigh around 22 pounds. The heaviest bull redfish or bull red (the largest of the species) caught weighed more than 40 pounds.

What Do They Feed On?

The redfish can live in both salt water and fresh water. In summer, adults feed on mullets, while redfish eat crabs or shrimp during fall. These species are adaptable to any situation, regardless of their environment.

Why You Should Try Redfish Fishing

Redfish are characterized by their long, red bodies and can grow to be quite big. Anglers like them because they put up a good fight when they’re hooked, and they taste great when cooked. If you’re looking for an exciting activity or a delicious seafood dinner, redfish are definitely worth going after.

Guidelines On How To Catch Redfish in Fort Myers

Ready for some action? Why not try your luck with some redfish? They’re usually pretty skittish, but if you get lucky, then it’s hard to resist! Here are a few guidelines for reeling them in.

Redfish Bait And Lures

There are a variety of artificial and natural baits that can be used when redfish fishing, and it is important to know which ones will be most effective in different situations.

Live and dead natural baits can be obtained from bait shops or by catching them yourself. Live shrimp, like grass shrimp, are also a good choice for redfish, as they are readily available and easy to keep alive. Dead natural baits such as cut bait or whole fish can also be used, although they may not be as effective as live bait.

In general, it is best to use the bait that is most readily available and that you feel comfortable using. You should also experiment with different baits and tackle to see what works best in your particular situation.

Where Can I Catch Redfish In Florida?

Fort Myers is indeed a great destination for anglers looking to catch redfish. The Indian River lagoon system, which runs along the southwest coast of Florida, is home to large numbers of bull redfish and the only place where they can live their entire lives inshore. These fish are typically found in shallow waters near fishing inlets and often gather in large schools. You can even find a tailing redfish in grass flats!

There are also many other great spots for catching redfish in Fort Myers. The Caloosahatchee River has large populations of these fish, and the shallow waters make them accessible to anglers who enjoy flats fishing of all experience levels. Whether you’re a veteran angler or a beginner, you’ll surely enjoy fishing for redfish in Fort Myers.

When To Go Redfish Fishing

Redfish are most active during the spring and fall seasons. During these times of the year, the water temperatures are milder, and the fish are more likely to be feeding.

For those fishing trips that are focused on catching big redfish, early fall is the best time. This is when the bull reds come into shallower water to spawn. They can be caught inshore near passes and inlets, as well as around reefs and wrecks. The key to success is to fish where there are concentrations of baitfish. Reds will often congregate in areas where there is an abundance of food.

You can also fish for redfish in late spring and early summer. This is when juvenile redfish are plentiful inshore. Although they are not as large as bull reds, they can still provide good fishing.

Rig Your Tackle For Redfish Fishing

When it comes to adult redfish, you’re going to want to use heavy tackle. This means using a big fishing reel and a rod that can handle the weight of a big fish. The reason for this is that adult redfish are strong fighters and can easily break a lighter tackle. In terms of line, you’re going to want to use a heavy monofilament line that can handle the weight of a big fish. And finally, in terms of hooks, you’re going to want to use a big, sharp hook that will penetrate the fish’s mouth.

What To Do If You Hook A Redfish

Once you hook a redfish, be prepared for a fight. These fish are known for their vigorous runs and acrobatic leaps. If you are using light tackle, be careful not to let the fish break your line. Set the hook firmly and wind steadily, applying pressure with your rod as needed. With a little preparation and practice, sight fishing for redfish can be a fun and productive way to fish.

Sight fishing for redfish is a challenging but rewarding way to fish. To be successful, you need to have a good understanding of the fish’s behavior and habitat. When targeting redfish, it is important to use a popping cork or live bait. The cork will help you keep the bait in the strike zone longer, and the live bait will increase your chances of getting a bite. If you are using live bait, make sure to keep it fresh and lively. Redfish are attracted to movement, so a live bait that is struggling will be more likely to get a bite.

Keeping Your Redfish Catch Fresh

As any fisherman knows, there’s nothing worse than coming home with a boatload of fish only to find that they’ve gone bad. Fish are highly perishable, and even in the best conditions, they’ll only stay fresh for a few days. That’s why it’s important to take care of your catch as soon as you reel it in. The first step is to get the fish into cool, clean water as soon as possible. If you’re not planning to clean them right away, keep them in a live well or cooler filled with ice. Once you’re ready to clean them, do so quickly and efficiently. Slice open the belly, remove the guts, and then rinse the fish inside and out with clean water. Finally, store them in a covered container or, using plastic wrap, tightly wrap them before putting them in the fridge. By taking these steps, you can help to ensure that your redfish stay fresh for days to come.

Go Redfish Fishing In Fort Myers Today!

It’s no wonder that redfish are a popular game fish found in the waters of Florida’s Gulf Coast. These feisty fish put up a great fight and can provide hours of enjoyment for anglers. If you’re looking for a new fishing adventure, you should definitely try fishing for redfish in Fort Myers.

There are plenty of great spots to catch these fish, and with the right tackle and technique, you’re sure to have a successful outing. So bring your artificial lures and live or dead natural bait, grab your rod and reel, and head out to the Gulf for some redfish action!

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