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Meet Captain Josh

How ya'll doing!? Welcome to Caloosahatchee Cowboy Charters. I am a 4th generation native to Fort Myers, Florida. I grew up fishing the Caloosahatchee and surrounding waters of South West Florida. I have a total of 22 years of fishing experience fishing the Fort Myers, Sanibel, Pine Island, and Matlacha areas. Giant tarpon and big snook fishing are my specialty. I eat, sleep, and drink back country fishing here in South West Florida. Please come join me and allow me to share my love for fishing with you. Whether we are chasing tarpon off the beach, sight casting monster snook in the river or catching reds and trout on the flats. I am here to show you the best possible time and give you a trip to remember for a lifetime.


I grew up fishing Bass in the canals of North Fort Myers and Cape Coral with my cousin "Bug". Bug taught me how to fish, I would sit in the back of his three wheeled granny bike with a 5 gallon bucket, a bubbler, loaf of bread, two bass rods, a blue gill rod, and a tackle box. We would ride all over the neighborhood in search of uncharted bass waters. When I was about eight years old we started fishing spill ways and the bridges of the Caloosahatchee for snook. In 1996 my father purchased the action craft. This is when my love for fishing soared to another level. I caught my first Snook on the action craft. It was an unbelievable fight. The power of the snook is unlike another inshore specie of fish you can catch around here. I was on top of the world after that battle.My freshwater fishing days ended right then and there. I never wanted to fish for those rinky dink ole bass ever again! All I ever wanted to do from that day on was snook fish, until the night I discovered what a tarpon was.

I remember one night sitting underneath the Cape Coral bridge and I kept seeing these massive explosions! I said dad what in the world was that? We had no earthly idea what they were or even how a fish could disrupt the surface of the water like that? That's when a good friend of my father said they were "Tarpon"! I was mesmerized by them, I had to catch one.

One day Capt. Koza took us to Boca Grande. They were everywhere! We hooked up with 2 that day. After seeing the size and sheer power of the Tarpon I fell deeper in love with fishing and the tarpon, I was bound and determined to get one for myself. I spent years learning and trying to catch a tarpon, I never could get one boat side. I went 0 for 16 before I ever boated one.

Finally, after years of trying and never giving up I have figured how to catch them on a consistent basis pretty much year round. With a little help and thanks to my good friends Capt. John Landry, Stovester, and Fishin' Florie. For the past 9 years my friends and I have traveled and fished all over Florida for "The Silver King."

My favorite place on the whole earth that I have been able to fish so far is the Florida Everglades. The 'Glades is he most exquisite place God could have created for us to catch giant snook and tarpon. The Everglades is in total seclusion, disconnected from the rest of world. It is full of luscious green labyrinths of mangroves. Words cannot express the awesomeness and beauty of the Florida Everglades. There is no where else that I have been where you can throw giant soft baits, lures, and fly's to giant laid up tarpon. The everglades is my number one.

I have had the privilege to fish the Marquesas. That was an unforgettable place to be able to fish for 5 days in a row. The water down there is the richest blues and turquoises you eyes will ever see. The most breath taking sunsets I have ever seen. The Marquesas crawls with fish! Huge tarpon, massive sharks, permit, bonefish, snook, snapper, lobster everything lives there.

Cape Cod was a trip I will never forget. I had the distinct honor to hook into a giant blue fin tuna. Pound for pound that is the most powerful fish I have ever had on the end of my line. I was also able to commercial fish for strippers up there. Stripper fishing was an absolute blast! They are like redfish on steroids. What a time and adventure.

I also guided in Alaska for a whole summer for salmon. The Alaskan wilderness was like nothing I have ever seen before. It was truly a breath taking place.The fishing there was unbelievable. Never have I ever seen so many fish caught in a single day! We had says there catching a 100 salmon if not more.


They are what get me out of the bed in the morning. There is nothing I love more than taking my guests to catch than a trophy river snook or a giant tarpon off the beach. Although tarpon and snook are my favorite does not mean we cannot go catch red fish, trout, triple tail,permit, goliath grouper , and sharks. Just let me know what you are interested in catching and I will do everything in my power to catch you what you want.

WHAT IS GOING TO SEPARATE ME FROM THE REST: I can catch Tarpon almost all year long. Besides that, I go out of my way eacha and every day to make sure we have the best baits that I can possibly catch. I put in the extra time to find them. I do not just take you out at any time of the day. I research the tide and take you out when the fish should be biting best. I run further and longer than most guides will. I am not out here to fish the mouth of the river with shrimp for lady fish and snapper. I want each and everyone of my guests to catch a trophy a fish. Once stepping aboard my boat the potential to catch a trophy fish is there. I am here for you and want to accommodate my guests in anyway that I possibly can.

I am out here because I love fishing! I want to share and teach my passion I have for the art of fishing. In the process I want to become friends, and develop long term relationships with my clients. I want to make your trip as memorable as possible and keep you coming back year after year!

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My goal as your Captain is to ensure we have the best day of fishing imaginable. I promise to give you 100% of my efforts to make the fish bite for you and I won't stop until they do! My local knowledge will guide you on an adventurous day on the beautiful coast of South West Florida.