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SWFL Seasonal Fishing Report


Monday, 02 October 2017 16:58

Tarpon fishing the fall can be the most epic tarpon fishing of the whole year! Typically tarpon migrate north and spawn off the beaches of Sanibel, captiva, and boca grande during the spring. However, once the cold fronts start coming the tarpon will get driven back down south. Riding north winds down the coast eating everything in site to prepare for winter and the long journey ahead. Catching these hungry tarpon at the precise moment when they show back up can result in some phenomenal tarpon fishing. We should have the rest of this month and into early November to still have shots at the silver king! 

Monday, 02 October 2017 16:49

Fort Myers fall fishing is about to start! Feature

October marks the beginning of one of my favorite months to fish in Fort Myers. The beaches and back bays of South West Florida are loaded this time of year with all kinds of bait. This time of year is special because water temperatures start to drop and the fish start to feed preparing for the winter months ahead. This past week was awesome! There were bird parties everywhere with tons of lady fish, trout, and jack. Fishing the birds can be an awesome charter fishing bite for beginners. We had a couple great days fishing for reds and snook too. Best day was 20 reds! There are numerous schools around at the moment. The rest of the month should be great as long as the weather cooperates! 

Monday, 24 April 2017 23:46

Fort Myers tarpon fishing charters blasting off!

Fort Myers tarpon fishing charters are blasting off right now. Over the past two days we have put 11 fish in the air! Today was awesome! I got numerous reports from buddies that they put anywhere from 7-13 fish in the air today! Today on our tarpon charter we went 1-7. All big fish, smallest fish was 120 pounds up to 150, and very very close to home. Tarpon season I kicking into gear nicely and I expect it to be really good the rest of this week! 

Sunday, 05 March 2017 01:37

Fort Myers Tarpon charter fishing

Fort Myers Tarpon fishing charters started off right this year. March 1st marked the first tarpon landed on my charters. I have high hopes for this tarpon season. Long as the wind doesn't blow us out I think it will be a really spectacular season. After 2 days of fishing we are 8-9. 

With a very mild winter and water temps in the upper 70s we are starting to see Tarpon very early this year. Which means they will be here from now till early July more than likely. There is a bunch of food for the Tarpon off the Fort Myers beaches and Sanibel beaches at the moment. These hungry fish will stay and chew as long as the bait is there.